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Dịch vụ vệ sinh , tẩy cặn tháp giải nhiệt, Chiller

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Dịch vụ vệ sinh tẩy cáu cặn tháp giải nhiệt, chiller
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ve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet

I    Safety Required

Bright and difference color safety clother must be used, including shoe boot; glove; helmet ( avoid black or brown, dark color to regconize co-worker easily during working )Mask with glasses and active carbon filter to perfectly protect , chemical liquide, tank chemical tank 1m3, pressure washer.

ve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet, chillerve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet, chiller

II   Cleaning procedure: Combine chemical & pressure washer

Chemical for Cleaning: ALTCLEAN 4001  contains surface active and addtivite used for cleaning  scale. Before cleaning, read the safety instructions and cleaning procedure for the cooling tower.

1 - Disassemble the entire heatsink out and gathered in sanitary area. Should gather in a sunny place to let the radiator dry. Then clean mechanically to remove 60% of deposits on filling.

ve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet, chiller

2- Chemical prepare

Add 450 liters of water to a 1m3 tank and slowly add 50 kg of CHEMICAL ALTCLEAN 4001. Next, put the radiator in soak for 2-5 minutes and then spray with a pressure sprayer to remove any remaining


ve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet, chillerve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet, chiller


3- Controlling chemical cleaning process

During cleaning, it is necessary to check the pH, TDS, monitor the level of sludge and the scale of the reaction to know the chemical reduces effectiveness and go back to step 2.

*Note: It is necessary to neutralize scale descaling with NaOH and discharge at the receiving point of the factory

3- Clean inside cooling tower

Use a pressure washer to clean inside cooling tower and reattach the heatsink on the initial position

ve sinh tay can thap giai nhiet, chiller

4. Replace the heat sink after cleaning and filling up the water. Should circulate circulating pump 15-20 minutes and change the water one more time



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